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Research and Development Solutions, Product Development (preclinical & clinical), Regulatory Services, FDA Applications/Submissions, and Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions & Acquisitions.


Contract Research & Development: Execute Phase I-IV R&D, Study Design, Regulatory & Ethics Applications/Approvals, Pre-Clinical Studies and Clinical Trials, Data Analysis & Publications, Go to Market (GTM), Post-Market Studies/Surveillance and support commercialization.


Idea/Discovery, Invention & Prototype Development, Design Test & Redesign, Intellectual Property (IP) Development, P&F studies and bench to bedside translation.

Slogan / Motto

Think outside the box to innovate and finding new world solutions for patients, scientists & health care providers.

Mission Statement

At its core, the work we do @ VIJ BIOTECH is focused on two goals:

1- Discover, develop and commercialize novel diagnostics and therapies, and
2- Partner and collaborate with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge biotech and health care innovations. We strive to serve global population by transforming the promise of biotechnology into innovative prognosis based therapies and health care solutions that help restore health, save lives and promote longevity or healthy aging. In everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve patients and are committed to helping people with severe diseases and conditions realize the promise of patient-specific personalized therapies.

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